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Women of the Valley 2019 Conference Highlights

Women of the Valley 2019 Conference Highlights

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I will build my rock upon my church and it shall not be broken.

My women you are to raise your heads, you are to look up beyond what you are capable of.


The authority you have isn’t even touched, you haven’t even scratched the surface of it.


What is said in my name will cause valleys to rumble and bring life and growth. Your ideas are not just ideas they are birthed from what I have put in your heart with a desire to grow you into the women you are destined to be.


Stop worrying about what is next ,all you need to do is look up, rise up and walk.


The Holy Spirit is your guide, He dwells inside you. Have I left you no. Have I forsaken you? some of you do think I have. But I am the God of power of will and order. 


Your feet do not even step on a stone without me feeling and knowing that. You are called for greatness but you do not trust or value yourself in what you are capable of doing. You wait for ppl to tell you, your next move but I say MOVE, don’t fall behind because when I move you will need to catch up. My journey is light , if you carry nothing but me. If its hard check what is in your bag because you pile things that are not meant for you but for others. Leave their gifts and abilities alone those are not yours.


Stop comparing, arise into the woman that I have created YOU TO BE and only YOU.


I see you weep by yourself but I have called you to wipe your tears, for the time is now and the harvest is great but true workers are few. Stop now and decide today whom you will serve because I am the only one the only true King.

Be still and know that I am God for I will breathe new life into your dead bones and say AWAKE daughters of the light and King for it is your time now to ARISE AND AWAKEN.


Be swift and bold and always in my name. For the Father hears what is dear to my heart and you my precious are more precious than pearls.

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